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Last Updated: 01/22/2022

Find out what we have in store for you down the road. This "list" is in no particular order and will be subject to change as the project develops.

Welcome to Vegetable Ville

Welcome to Vegetable Ville. Our vision for this project goes way beyond the Potato Pimp NFT. We’re want to launch multiple collection, all with a vegetable theme.

These multiple collections forming our own metaverse: Vegetable Ville.

Our USP relies on 3 pillars. First we have the art. When you look at the Potato Pimp images, you see with how much care and finesse they’re drawed.

Secondly, every token holder will receive royalties from each sale of the NFTs. More on that below.

Third we want to build a Vegetable Ville community and a space where everyone can hang out and have fun. This includes buying land in Decentraland and/or The Sandbox. First, let us tell you about the lore of Vegetable Ville:

Vegetable Ville Lore

Potato Pimps

The Potato Pimps are the criminal master minds in Vegetable Ville. They control the all criminal activities and fear no one besides the Cucumber Cops. Potato Pimps make their money by pimping out Chili Call Girls.

Chili Call Girls

Chili Call Girls rake in money for the Potato Pimps. They receive gentleman callers named Leek Lovers.

Leek Lovers

Leek Lovers don’t have anything better to do than “doing” Chili Call Girls all day. They rich leeks who like to party and throw their money around.

Cucumber Cops

Cucumber Cops are responsible for law and order in Vegetable Ville. Not everyone is sure they’re doing a good job, though. They’re constantly trying to arrest the Potato Pimps. It’s a cat and mouse game.

Technical Side of Things


We believe that to succeed as a project we need good and transparent tokenomics. Our whitelist will be capped at 500 addresses. We are not sure that we will fill every spot just to have them filled. Only active members of our discord and those who help the community will receive a whitelist spot.

We will keep 50 tokens for the team as "payment" for their work.
Those tokens will only go to team members and not the founders.

We will also keep 150 NFTs in our community wallet for giveaway and promo purposes.

That makes 9800 NFTs that hit the market.

Pre-Sale Whitelist

As written above, our whitelist will be capped at 500 addresses(users). We will reward active members in our Discord. To get on the whitelist, make sure the be active there and engage with other community members.

Right now, we are whitelisting people who invite 5 real users to our discord server. Make sure to check this out!

Distributing Royalties

As the creator of the collection we will receive 5% royalties from OpenSea. 1% of that 5% go directly into a community wallet at the end of each month(OpenSea payouts are at the end of the month).

Right now, there is not really a good way to pay back these royalties to the community. But we’re trying to figure out the best possible way to do so. We’ll announce that as soon as we’ve that figured out.

Play-To-Earn Game

Right when we first had the idea for Vegetable Ville and Potato Pimps, we wanted to created a Farmville type game where you can build your pimp empire.

Seeing the success of games like Axie Infinity and Town Star, we want to make this game play-to-earn.

Right now, we’re at the drawing board for that game. After we’ve successfully launched and have the financial runway we want to direct a lot of resources into this.

Keep in mind that game development is a time intensive undertaking and requires a lot of brain power. That's why we want to hire as many game devs as possible.

We don’t want to release the one millionth Farmville clone but a unique game the people love to play.

Potato Recipes Cookbook

As you might have seen on our roadmap, we’re going to create a book full of potato dish recipes for our Potato Pimps community.

ERC-20 Token

We’re also taking about creating an ERC-20 token which will be used with the game and is a possible way to pay out royalties. But this is some time in the future and not our main goal.

Moving to the Metaverse

We believe the metaverse will be the next big thing. That’s why want to utilize it to build our community there.

This is why we are buying some LAND in Decentraland and/or The Sandbox.

Imagine a place where you can hang out with other Potato Pimp token-holders and engage with each other.

Token Airdrops

We will reward token holders with airdrops. When we reach 2500 sold Potato Pimp NFTs, we will airdrop 50 NFTs to randomly selected token-holders!

Floor Sweeping Events

We don't want to see our and your tokens getting listed to cheap.

That's why we gonna buy back Potato Pimp NFTs from the open market and raise the floor price.

Community First

We're creating and building this project for you: the Potato Pimps community.

We want you to decide where we takes this project. Everything here are ideas that we've gathered along the way.

Now we want to know from you what we should build first and if we have missed anything that you want to see in this project. Let us know in Discord